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This is a free method to produce leads and sales. Considering that many members forum are delicate toward those who are trying to promote their products directly without making a considerable contribution to the community or without paying for advertisement, don’t miss these 3 simple rules:

  1. Be the part of community by posting on the bulletin orderly and presenting valuable information which has relation to the program you’re trying to promote.
  2. Use your signature to sell the program (Most forums will permit you to place a signature at the end of your posts. Some will even allow you to post pictures, and this is a great opportunity to use a book cover image)
  3. Rather than speaking a lot about the program and present it as you are spamming, use the soft selling approach, meaning that you just tell your specific experience with the program and recommend it to the forum members. (Don’t forget to read the rules of the forum first and make sure they allow posting affiliate links inside the post). To have a try, simply search on Google for “pregnancy forum”, "woman's health forum" and investigate it to discover forums which have the largest member base and traffic.

At the bottom of this page, some great forum signature ideas have been laid out. However if you still have any questions remain, don't hesitate to contact me personally.



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