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There are numerous forms of text ads, which can be used in a variety of ways. For example: you can place a small ad in your newsletter to entice your readers to visit the website, you can use a sponsor ad on your newsletter or e-zine to let your subscribers know that Michelle Adams and "The Getting Pregnant Plan Guide" is sponsoring your newsletter publication by covering costs through affiliate commissions. Sponsor ads should be placed at the top of your letter so that they grab attention.

Adding The Getting Pregnant Plan Guide e-book into the product section or review section of your website can turn out to be an extremely profitable choice. The most common method used by many of our affiliates is placing a book cover along with a short spicy description or an enticing classified ad. You can also take things to another levels and link that ad and book cover to a review page of the book (that you’ve written or borrowed from my book review section) accompanied by a book cover or a banner at the bottom.

You can also use text ads for your pay per click campaigns or place them on your website pages. Make sure to use interesting and curiosity triggering words to grab your readers' attention.

I've provided some sample ads below that can be used on your website, newsletter or anywhere else that you choose to promote The Getting Pregnant Plan Guide program.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.



Affiliate Manager of The Getting Pregnant Plan™

Short E-zine And Classified Ads

"Have you ever Read Michelle Adams's new Holistic Pregnancy Guide? The guide is entitled "The Getting Pregnant Plan". I've read all of the pages (which is more than 200 pages) and each of them is full of great information concerning the way to naturally conceive without any drugs, surgery or any kind of tricks. I strongly recommend it - it's very honest and straightforward without all the hype and b.s. you see all over the internet nowadays. Here's the website where you can get more information:”
"Stop spending your money on pills, doctors, fertility treatments, and other expensive and worthless things that can’t guarantee you to conceive quickly. See how Michelle Adams can assure you to get pregnant naturally after you read “The Getting Pregnant Plan” e-book. This is the only complete holistic guide of pregnancy system that you’ve been looking for the whole time!”
"Michelle Adams - An Alternative Nutritionist and Researcher, also a former infertility sufferer teaches you all of valuable information that she created based on several years of intense research about how to conceive fast and naturally even if you have infertility problems before you get pregnant until your child is born.” 
"You will know how it feels to have your dream come true. After following “The Getting Pregnant Plan” system you will not find it difficult to reach your dream to conceive a baby. Even if this is your first pregnancy, even if you have PCOS, even after you have miscarriage, “The Getting Pregnant Plan” e-book is the only and one answer for you and for every women that facing the same problem.” 

E-zine Sponsor Ads

This week's newsletter is sponsored by:
The Only Complete Holistic Pregnancy System That Will Show You How To Get Pregnant Naturally and Give Birth to Healthy Children -->[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]
This issue of (name of your e-zine) is brought to you by The Getting Pregnant Plan, the #1 best natural infertility cure and pregnancy eBook, which teaches you how to Conceive Naturally and Give Birth to Healthy Children without drugs or surgery -->[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]

Text Ads With Book Cover (Image Ad)

Note: the image above is a .jpg screenshot of real ad that are in use on live web pages. You can either upload the image to your server and use it as a link on your site or even better: make your own ad in HTML using the text in the ad and a book cover.