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The Getting Pregnant Plan™ - Email Mini Course

One of the best methods to dramatically increase sales and establish a loyal list of subscribers is email mini-courses managed by an autoresponder. By doing that you are able to keep contact with and deliver informational and promotional emails regularly.

In some occasion there must be visitors, no matter how relevant your landing page is, who are going to leave the page, never come back and never buy on their first coming, a well-constructed email mini course will break that problem.

A email mini course works like this:

  1. You propose your visitor a free subscription to a 5-7 part online email course on your landing page.
  2. The visitor "opts in" (subscribes to your list) by giving their first name and email address.
  3. You instantly send your visitors a pre-written email lessons and follow-up messages every couple of days using autoresponder software.

After all of the three steps above have been done, you will own your visitor’s allowance which is enable you to keep contact with him or her for as long as you want until they buy the product or plan to unsubscribe your emails.

An email course can help you to constitute your opt-in list. This will give you chance to promote not only one product but also your complimentary products and special offers you have in hand. Personally, I have reached the best achievements using 5-7 part Email Mini courses. And here's how you should arrange it to maximize the results:

  1. First, 5 separate articles should be produced as the lessons for your course. You can produce your own articles or use the articles in our database. It would be appropriate to distinguish the subjects of your articles (for example: day 1 “Problems getting pregnant”, day 2 “Treatments for Infertility”, day 3 “The real cause of Miscarriage”).
  2. Second, setting up your autoresponder software so it can assist you to send out lessons every day.
  3. And the last, do not forget to insert follow-up message along with the lesson you send, to make sure that your subscribers have received previous lessons and to remind them that future lessons are coming.

Promoting the program in each lesson is needed, either at the base or at the end of the lesson. As usual, remember that you also have to insert your cloaked affiliate link at the end of each lesson.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me personally.



Affiliate Manager of The Getting Pregnant Plan™