Are You Trying to Get Pregnant?

So, are you trying to get pregnant? please do not make mistakes! and you have to read it first. Why would anyone be able to get pregnant easily, but there are also people who cannot get pregnant? To answer this question, you perhaps can find tons of reasons why. However, what you should notice is that it does not depend on a single factor. What are the factors, then? More on all the factors later as today what I want to share with you all is the preparedsness factor. When you are planning and trying to get pregnant, you should be ready and committed. Do not ever plan this or plan that without any willingness to follow it. It will only end in failure and yet another disappointment.

Trying to get pregnant? Do not make mistakes!

trying to get pregnant

1. Are you ready to become a mother?

I am not here to preach. It is not my goal at all to make my readers follow my every word. I merely want to be of help. It is very possible and understandable to feel scared when deciding to be a mother. Having fear in very sensible. However, when will your turn to be a mother come if it is what you keep in mind? Is being a mother really that important for women? Do being able to be pregnant and give birth to a baby prove that you are a real woman? Perhaps your answer to that is yes. Or perhaps, for whatever reason, it is a no. It is fine to agree to disagree. And I respect people having their own opinions. Since I am writing this post to help those who are planning to get pregnant, let us start discussing on that matter.

2. Pregnancy is not only the mother’s problem, but also the father’s.

try to getting pregnant

Ah, it is good to see that the word father is found in this sentence, right? However, how is it so? All this time we have been sharing one common belief: that pregnancy is all about the female ability to get knocked up. And following that, she then becomes the only one who has to endure all the problems and bear all the sufferings that may occur from the pregnancy or the pregnancy complication. So the women have to bear with the burden, the women have to be healthy to be able to get pregnant, they should exercise diligently, they should rest properly while working on the pregnancy program, the must often listen to classical music through the pregnancy. Where are the men, then? What do they do?

Fathers actually have very important role to ensure the mothers remain healthy, happy, and calm. It is important to go through a pregnancy being happy. That is what the baby needs. So fathers who are watching the mothers might get stressed and experience unnecessary fear. They heed to be the captain to maintain successful pregnancy.

3. Want to Get Pregnant Fast? Never Say “Try,” Always Say “Make Efforts”

I hate hearing, “I am trying to get pregnant.” Why do people keep saying that? They should have been saying, “I am making efforts to get pregnant.” Even if it is just mere word choice, establishing the phrase “make efforts” starting in your mouth, getting it to your brain, and believing it in your heart will give you a different and better spirit and hope kicks on the “program”, that is the simple tips but it can be one of the best way to get pregnant.

4. Determine the Time and Set the Schedule

For some people, getting pregnant is very easy, while for some others it is an impossible objective. Having goal is very important, but if we do not have a plan and a perfect schedule, it will be very difficult to achieve whatever goals we have in mind. It is a matter of sticking to what you have decided to choose. One can consult any fertility doctors, but if the effort stops there, he or she does not follow the advice given or the daily schedule planned, nothing is likely to happen.

5. Do It the Right Way

If you are ready to get pregnant and become a mother, strengthen your heart. Always maintain a good communication with your spouse and work together to achieve the shared goal. Both of the couple have to always be a patient reminder when the other accidentally forget a scheduled intercourse or eating healthy food. Stop trying, make the efforts! Stick to the schedule, plan, and promises. I hope that sometime when I happen to stumble upon a nice pregnant lady, that lady is one of you, my readers.

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