The Best Way to Get Pregnant, All Couples Should Know!

If you are a wife hoping to be a mother, you’d probably often wonder about the best way to get pregnant, which is my reason exactly today to share some important information we should all know about getting pregnant. I especially write this for all moms-to-be who have been dreaming to get pregnant and dying to welcome a baby in their households.

Pregnancy is one of the things that usually is most anticipated by couples, particularly the newly-wed ones. Pregnancy also means that the couples have succeeded in preserving their bloodlines or lines of inheritance, which sometimes is very important for some people. It is clear here that pregnancy and having that one bundle of joy are very crucial in a household. And it is not uncommon that there are numerous families that end just like THAT because their inability to have a baby of their own.

So how can you get pregnant?

get pregnant

What are the highlights you should know to get pregnant? To answer these questions, let us go through the important points below. You could also take a look at my other article "simple get pregnant fast tips" that I have written sometime before, also on this website.

1. Have You Set Your Heart on It and Started Your Prayer?

Just like when you are dealing with a huge business project, you would also need to wrap your heart around it and be positive about it. Complete all these with non-stop prayers, visualizations, or whatever you have faith in. Before going anywhere, it is imperative that you totally set your mind and faith on it. These are important. Why? Because mind and soul are the basic strengths you have to have to let your body to work with you instead of against you. It will affect your success in the end of the process. If you do not have the intent to seriously achieve your goal, nothing will go smoothly, correct?


2. Maintain Your Health and Keep Fit

This advice may sound obsolete for you, but it is very essential for both the women and the men to maintain their health. If you smoke or drink or do drugs even occasionally, STOP. Researches even show that alcohol reduces the chance of getting pregnant up to 50%. Meanwhile, working out gives numerous benefits to our body. Regular work out will be compulsory for moms and dads-to-be to ensure that their bodies are perfect and capable for the ovulation. Getting enough nutrition is important. Always eat right. Take all food that are rich of nutrients, take as much veggies. Remember that iron, vitamins, and omega-3 are too important to not get enough of them. Do your research and get you consult to design the diet that is specifically suits you.

3. When Are You Most Fertile?

Dear moms, do keep track of your ovulation period. Ovulation happens when the ovaries release a mature egg. When this happens, it means that you are at your most fertile time. This is the best time to try to conceive since the likelihood of the sperm gets to penetrate the ovum is the highest. So when exactly ovulation happens? Traditional methods to figure this out are everywhere on the internet. Do check one for yourself. If you are too busy to always keep track on such things, there are now ovulation kits with different sizes and methods anywhere in your local pharmacies that will show whether you are on your fertile time. You can check with local pharmacies or your gynecologist first to choose the best for you.

4. The Bulls eye Sex Position

Is there seriously a conceiving sex position that is foolproof?! Well, there is nothing in this world that totally foolproof. However, there are certain positions that look insignificant yet have a high success rate. From an extensive research, I found that the best position for conception is missionary. This position has a higher chance of pregnancy. Now this position should be followed by the women curving their hips higher for optimum result. By curving their hips, they are letting the sperms stay longer inside and swim more easily to reach the egg. It is advisable that the women stay in this position for at least 15 minutes. Use a pillow to help the women maintain this position.

5. Keep on Trying and Enjoy the Process

No matter what we do, as long as we do it wholeheartedly, everything will feel fun and worth doing. So enjoy the process you both are doing to get pregnant. Don’t forget to relax. Let all the stress and worry go. Everything will be fine in the end. You WILL get pregnant when the time comes. Do not give up easily. When you think that you have tried your best on your own and that you are tired already, a visit to the gynecologist won’t harm you. Talk to them, have consultation sessions, discuss your plan.

Simple Conclusion, couples please read it..

The best way to get pregnant is to put your heart and prayers to it, keep your body and lifestyle healthy, get as much nutrient intakes, forget smoking, alcohol, and drugs, give yourself more attention, note your biological cycle, and always enjoy the process. This concludes my article. When you are doing it right, when the timing is right, when the mood is right, there is your time for success. Good luck!

Watch the video here to find out how to get pregnant effectively..