How to Get Pregnant Fast

Trying to conceive can be a very stressful and emotional time in a woman's life. Having the idea in your head that you are trying to make a baby can make the act of love making very planned and this can put extra strain on the couple involved. The best way to get pregnant fast is to try the following tips and tricks.

How to get pregnant fast? try the following tips and tricks

How to get pregnant fast
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The main thing that you need to do is to work out when you are ovulating and have sex around that time. There are many websites where you can do this by simply entering your menstrual dates. You will be told what dates you are ovulating and by having sex around the beginning of ovulation is the best way to get pregnant fast. Having intercourse regularly throughout the month is important too however, it will keep you both healthy and it is always nice to have a little practice.

Healthy Diet

It is important that both you and your partner have a healthy diet when you are trying to get pregnant. Try and cut out that junk food as much as possible, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and try to keep as active as you can. This makes your bodies in tip top shape and will actually make you both more fertile, his sperm will especially reap the benefits. Don't forget to take your folic acid around this time too so that if you do get pregnant straight away, your baby is healthy and happy. More about food and pregnant here...

Physical Health

You need to make sure that you are in the best physical shape you can be before you start trying to get pregnant. Women who are underweight or overweight find it harder to conceive and if they do, extra strain is put onto your growing baby. You need to be well both mentally and physically before you bring a life into the world.


Enjoy the process

It sounds easier said than done but try not to stress too much. Keeping relaxed and calm is the best way to get pregnant fast. Try and enjoy sex with your partner and keep the baby making out of your head for a while. Putting stress on your partner might make it extra hard for him to "perform" and do what is necessary to actually make the baby. So lower the lights, put on some music and just have fun.

Time for doctors

If things still are not happening for the two of you after several months and you are doing all you should be doing, maybe a trip to the doctors is on the cards. There is probably nothing wrong, it takes some couples longer than others to get pregnant but getting yourselves checked out can not do any problems in the grand scheme of things.


The above tips are the best way to get pregnant fast and by doing them you are giving yourselves the best chance to catch as soon as possible. Be healthy, happy and remember to be patient and just enjoy yourselves, the rest will come naturally.

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