Foods to Avoid during Pregnancy

Even when you are not pregnant, you need to take a good care of yourself and watch what you put into your body. Now when you are indeed pregnant, you have to take a better care, promote a better lifestyle, and eat better food and avoid stuffs that are not so much of a good addition to your pregnancy (diet). Below are those stuffs that you have to avoid:

Foods that you have to avoid during pregnancy

avoid raw meat when pregnant

1. Alcohol

We all know that even without being pregnant alcohol consumption is harmful for the body. Before and during pregnancy its harm level increases and directly affects the baby. In order to keep your fetus inside of you for as long as it normally needs to be, stay away from alcohol in all its possible forms: food, beverages, etc.

2. Caffeine

Although caffeine does have some benefits for our body, when you are pregnant, you should avoid foods and beverages that contain this substance. From numerous research, it turns out that caffeine can lead to less than optimal infant weight at birth.

3. Unprocessed and unpasteurized milk and cheese

Milk and cheese are healthy nutrients. However, pregnant women should avoid milk and cheese that have not been processed, pasteurized or not. This form of milk and cheese are most likely not free of bacteria and not sterile. Try finding other types of milk and cheese that are cleaner and safer. You can consult various sources when deciding which milk or cheese to buy.

4. Certain seafood

You do not have to avoid all kinds of seafood; only those containing hazardous material or substances such as mercury. Materials like mercury is dangerous for the body, and seafood nowadays are popular for its mercury poisoning.

5. Raw, undercooked, and processed meat

Almost the same with milk, raw or undercooked meat contains many bacteria which compromise the fetus’ health. In addition, processed meat is also not recommended for its lack of nutrients and high unnecessary additive ingredients.

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avoid alcohol when pregnant

Whatever you choose to consume during pregnancy, make sure you opt for foods that have been proven to positively affect your health and are clean. Do not be tempted by fast food or food that you have no idea of its origin. And also, forget cigarettes; for your own and the baby’s sake.

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