6 Food to Get Pregnant Fast


Do you know that food also plays a great role in determining your successful effort in getting pregnant fast? We all often hear new couples whine about how hard it is to get pregnant, while in fact, the success of their effort does depend on many factors, not only genetics, but also lifestyle. How regularly they work out and how healthy their eating habits are. Below, I will provide kinds of food you should try to increase the intakes of because of their high success rates in increasing the possibility of getting pregnant fast.

Kinds of food to get pregnant faster

1. Grains.

If you are used to eating white rice, it is suggested that you change it into brown rice or even whole wheat bread for their high vitamin and fiber contents and also complex carbs which takes a while to digest.

grains for getting pregnant fast

2. Olive oil.

This kind of oil can help fight against inflammations which may interfere with a pregnant and fertile woman’s health. Inflammations can also be obstructive to the embryo’s early development

3. Pumpkin seeds.

They are rich of iron and can increase your chance of getting pregnant as high as 40%. If it is hard to find pumpkin seeds, you can substitute them with other dried seeds or even iron supplements regularly.

4. Green veggies.

Say OH YES! to spinach, water spinach, broccoli, and many other greens. Besides increasing your fertility, they also increase sperms’ quality. So, definitely share your greens with your partner.

5. Orange and orange-colored veggies

Orange and orange-colored veggies contain anti-oxidant and beta-carotene which are a big help in fighting free radicals and reducing miscarriage possibility.

6. Salmon.

salmon for getting pregnant fast

Besides its high omega-3 fatty acids which increase blood flow and restore reproduction hormones regularity, who doesn’t love a good fresh salmon steak?!

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